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From my Blackberry (by Hunter)

By the way, I’m doing this from my Blackberry on I 70. Crowded road. Looking at the map I see tons of little black dots and there are a million on and off ramps. I remember on the Segway trip 3 yesrs ago, this was the spot of the country where things began to get crowded. Hasta luego to the West.

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  1. Laura Thayer Says:

    Ahhh yes, the crowded East. Have fun, hope you said Hi to Columbia Missouri on your trip down I-70. :)

    Shooting you an email too…


  2. Buzz Jellett Says:

    Well you guys are 18 days out from San Antonio. I Wonder if you guys are living on Free popcorn and Chipolte Burrito’s. If so you will be 350lbs bye the time you get here, and we will have to start your next documentary movie 10lbs (a month). Josh’s trek through countless Fat Farms and lap band surgerys.
    Your Friend,

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