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Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen is a folk/pop singer-songwriter from Oakdale, California. He has been compared to Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman, James Taylor, and Paul Simon. In 2004, Dennen released his first self-titled album, Brett Dennen. His second album was So Much More, which includes the singles "Ain't No Reason" and "The One Who Loves You the Most". Both songs charted as iTunes top downloads in the days following the album's release in November 2006.

Dennen's music has been featured in several television shows, including Grey's Anatomy, the House episode "Family", The Unit episode "Freefall", and the Scrubs episode "My No Good Reason".
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Roman Candle

For three years, music industry executives have agreed that Roman Candle is one of the best, most complete American rock bands to surface in a decade. After all, Roman Candle is better at what they do-writing imaginative pop songs and building them into captivating four-minute Southern-air epics-than any other "band on the verge" in memory.
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Daphne Loves Derby

Daphne Loves Derby is an American Indie-pop rock band that formed in Kent, Washington. They are a celebrated band on PureVolume, and they now have over 4,000,000 plays. For a time, they held the number one spot on PureVolume's Unsigned Artists page, but in 2005 signed onto Outlook Music, an indie label owned by Baltimore Ravens NFL player Trevor Pryce. They have had several unofficial releases, including their self-titled debut album, which was exclusively released to PureVolume.

On the Strength of All Convinced, was released on July 26, 2005. Their latest album, Good Night, Witness Light, was released on March 27, 2007.
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The Naked Apes

Described as "the next soundtrack to American Pie", The Naked Apes are cunning linguists whose speed of wit and cheeky humour combine with infectious tunes, pulsating rhythms and heavy guitar grooves to expose a fantasy world of beaches, babes, beer and summer fun, but not necessarily in that order.
The Naked Apes - Official Site 

Bell Dora

Bell Dora takes the sounds of middle America, from traditional country and classic rock to modern post-punk and alt-country rock, and fuses them into something neither corn-pone nor headbanging, just tight songsmithing. The band makes it's home in the heartland of America and of Americana music in Springfield, Missouri. The rich musical traditions of the Ozarks region and the variety of Springfield's active music scene add up to a wide spectrum of influences at work within the band which help create the wide range of styles and moods in their original material.
Bell Dora - Official Site 

The Bloody Lovelies

If there is one common thread that runs throughout great rock music's brief history, that element would be an irrepressible, blistering passion. Regrettably, the business of music has gradually managed to repress rock's unpredictable fire and make it as threatening as Disneyworld on Ice. The Bloody Lovelies, however, are a Los Angeles-based band that proudly carry the torch and plan to blaze a new trail based on raw energy, zealous performances, and pop perfection.
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Breadfoot was spawn of the East River Delta. His tune Polly Loved Me (I Know) featured in the film is from his latest release Tea with Leo. Regarded by Americana UK as a 'NYC/London acoustic work-out of unspeakable gorgeousness'.

You can score a copy of Tea with Leo or any of Breadfoot's other releases online thru his website,CDBaby.com, iTunes, Emusic, Napster and many others.
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Marita Brake

Marita Brake and collaborator, Kent Thompson provide cinematic nuances in their featured composition, The Celtic Spirit, featured from Brake's CD, The Celtic Rose. The CD is available at:www.maritabrake.net or from www.cdbaby.com/maritabrake.
Marita Brake - Official Site 

Carol McComb

Carol's music is at ease in a range of music that covers gentle love songs, classic country and bluegrass, swing and bluesy country, and difficult subjects like growing old, child abuse, Alzheimer's disease, and homelessness.

Carol's latest CD, Little Bit of Heaven, features performances by Nashville session player Keith Little, Bluegrass divas Laurie Lewis and Carol Elizabeth Jones, Celtic guitar virtuoso William Coulter, and mandolin great John Reischman, among others.
Carol McComb - Official Site 

The Jazz Whistler

Francesco Bonifazi takes whistling into unchartered waters. ePuccolo#1 - a live recording of his electronic puccolo. "As one of the world's premiere whistlers, Francesco is in effect his own Stradivarius." - David Amram composer/conductor/instrumentalist.

In addition to winning 1st place in popular music at the 2003 International Whistling Convention, Francesco has performed throughout the US and Europe.
The Jazz Whistler - Official Site 

Keith and Renee (Easily Amused)

Easily Amused have been gradually stair stepping towards mainstream recognition since releasing their debut independent CD Novice in 2001. The combination of searing harmonies and infectious songwriting quickly vaulted them onto national television in Canada. Three years and almost 600 live performances later, Keith and Renee's sophomore CD Release, Simple Stuff has already been nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award in the 'Outstanding Pop Album' category.
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Jeff Arrigo

Jeff Arrigo plays a variety of venues around Missouri. Musical offerings are split between original folk/rock/blues tunes and covers. His voice and guitar provide a simplicity that allows his folk lyrics to do their story-telling work. Similar to Brooks Williams and James Taylor, Jeff Arrigo's topical breadth will melt you on one song and have you belly-laughing the next.

Blake 9 & Olive Green

Blake9 runs Candlewax Records. He works with Comel_15, from the LA group Time Machine; together they are Nine:Fifteen, a hip-hop duo that they created in 2001. He also works with Mad Squirrel from The Acorns. Blake9's most recent collaboration was with Count Bass D. Other creative ventures includes a 7-inch with Olive Green from San Francisco, two 12-inch records with Nine:Fifteen, an album with The Acorns, and various Mix Cds, which can be found at your local record store, on the web at candlewaxrecords.com and iTunes.
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Baby Teeth

Since their 2004 formation, Baby Teeth have proven that bedroom pop and huge hooks belong together. The band has been compared to a host of legendary pop eccentrics and yet, it's Baby Teeth's unique appropriation of classic-rock icons that sets them apart from other indie-pop acts. Baby Teeth have remained true to a singular vision: the intimacy of one lonely heart, shot through an arena-sized cannon.
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Urban Horse Thieves

Since their inception in the Summer of 2001, Urban Horse Thieves have been playing their own brand of outlaw americana in and around the hills of Ithaca, NY.
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Somewhere between climactic tension and self-perpetuating hopelessness, stalemates become unusually unnerving things. It is no surprise The Immovable Objection, the new CD from Stormdrain, stirs with unique, complex agitation.Traits like openness and experimentalism are a signature of Stormdrain's music, with origins ranging from high to low tech, from new to old, from near to far, from unpolished to pristine.
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Aster is an imaging instrument that is flying on Terra, a satellite launched in December 1999 as part of NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS). or-

"Editor's Pick" - Smother Magazine

"Bouncing rhythms and complex drum patterns keep you moving throughout the album while the reflective lyrics suck you in" - Austin Independent
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Rob Getzschman

Rob Getzschman is the midwest. Born Omaha, raised St. Louis, sipping Mississippi River tap water through the formative years. While starlets and harlots made for LA, he moved east to prove himself with the heralding of the millennium, seeking the corners of America which most resembled the turn of the twentieth century. Rob is currently promoting his fifth album, Hypocrisy in the Genius Room and his three-piece rock outfit, Analog Jetpack.
The Frozen Food Section - Official Site  } {  Rob Getzschman - Myspace Page 

Meghann Robinson

Imagine: three months after learning her first guitar chord and with only two original songs in her arsenal, Meghann found herself performing for hundreds at Penn State University, just after being given personal words of encouragement from her longtime musical idol Antigone Rising. Since then, Meghann has toured the country and performed for Rock the Vote, the Bear Mountain Music Festival, been selected to host and perform in showcases for both Indiegrrl and GoGirls Music at South By Southwest in Austin, TX, and placed her songs in multiple films and documentaries. .
Meghann Robinson - Official Site  } {  Meghann Robinson - Myspace Page 


Guitarboy speaks the universal language of music like no other on an electric six-string. He has reintroduced thousands of fans around the globe to the power of the inspired, creative guitar solo via the internet. His original compositions include the influences of music greats like Hendrix, Coltrane, Vai and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Fiery and emotional, Guitarboy tears at your soul while his dazzling technique sends you on a musical thrill ride.
Guitarboy - Official Site 


Together for just more than two years ('Singer/guitarist Patrick Sullivan and bassist/vocalist Pete "Blato" De Souza met at a Tupperware party, like all rock bands do,' Patrick says), Nigel, which also includes drummer Brad Mahoney and guitarist/singer Sean Gross, took its name from Spinal Tap's rock guitar hero Nigel Tufnel.

With a new self-titled EP containing six tunes brimming with catchy hooks and tight vocal harmonies surrounded by a booming rhythm section and heavy guitars, the group's songs are radio ready.
Nigel - Official Site  } {  Nigel - Myspace Page 

Hot IQs

Denver, Colorado's indie scene has a crush on Hot IQs. Within a little over three short years of forming, Hot IQs have worked their way into the heart of the local scene, and into the hearts of Denver fans and press. The trio has taken top honors (or close seconds) in past years from annual 'best of' lists in the Rocky Mountain News, The Denver Post, and Westword, and their 2004 debut album, An Argument Between the Brain and Feet, was named Best Album of 2004 by the Boulder Daily Camera. Clearly, Hot IQs have Denver wrapped around their fingers.
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Enter The Haggis

There aren't many groups in North America who could lay claim to possibly 18 different genres of music, but Toronto's Enter The Haggis is one of them. To engage this quintet is to indulge rock, fusion, bluegrass, traditional Celtic fare, agitpop, folk, even Latin flavors. Sounds awfully confused, right? Wrong. ETH is one of those rare jewels that actually pulls it all off as if to own everything.
Enter The Haggis - Official Site 

Gypsy Grass

A unique blend of original music...the band traverses a wide variety of styles, modern folk rock with its Celtic and gypsy influences. It does take you places.
Gypsy Grass - Official Site 

Matt Singer

"Matt Singer sings and strums and raps and whistles and beat-boxes. His music cuts across musical genres to share genuine feelings about family, romance, anxiety, George Bush, and occasionally New Jersey. Singer's attention to detail, sense of humor, and love for songwriting manifest in his imaginative melodies and the authentic characters who live in his songs. He lives in Brooklyn, NY."
Matt Singer - Official Site  } {  Matt Singer - Myspace Page 

Holiday & the Adventure Pop Collective

"... a true band for the new millennium" (Damon Orion, Santa Cruz GoodTimes)"

Buy the album @ www.adventurepop.com and listen @ www.myspace.com/holidayandtheadventurepopcollective
Adventure Pop - Official Site  } {  Adventure Pop - Myspace Page 

DeYarmond Edison

DeYarmond Edison is an independent band of four young men whose progressive music is steeped in American traditions. Hailing originally from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the band has a reputation for its particularly bold, unpredictable, and energetic live sets, as well as its unique blend of instrumentation. Their music integrates the pure spirit of traditional folk with the spontaneity of jazz in their experimentation with the contemporary singer-songwriter format.

Silent Signs is DeYarmond Edison's second and most polished recording to date. It showcases a greater emphasis on texture as well as a deeper, darker, more precise perspective on songwriting.
DeYarmond Edison - Official Site  } {  DeYarmond Edison - Myspace Page 

Everett Griffiths

I started composing as soon as I started playing guitar in high school, but it's been a slow maturing process for me. My first project was recording a little album on the choir director's 4-track, and that got me hooked. I have always loved a good tune, and I have never forgotten the inspiring realization of how a studio can paint the world with the sounds from inside a composer's head. It is for this reason that I consider the studio my most important instrument.
Everett Griffiths - Official Site 


Known for their thoughtful, catchy, melodic rock, Denver group Killfix was never supposed to become a full fledged band, let alone one that would end up becoming a regular act at some of Denver's more notable music venues.The band has played at numerous Denver venues, sharing the stage with many popular national and local acts.

Their self titled ep was released in November, 2006. Killfix was voted one of Denver's top underground bands by the Denver Post in 2005 and 2006.
Killfix - Official Site  } {  Killfix - Myspace Page 
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