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Hunter bio picture Director and Producer
Photographing the world since the early nineties, Hunter Weeks has developed an eye for capturing moments of humanity in off-the-beaten-path places, like Croatia, Morocco, and Indonesia. With numerous accolades for his work, he's moved on to produce documentaries on such subjects as the barrios in Mexican border towns & now major feature-length productions. As the follow-up to 10 MPH, he's working on a documentary about fantasy football, currently titled 10 Yards. See his world photographs.


Josh bio picture Editor, Producer, & Segway Rider
An aficionado for adventure and creativity, Josh Caldwell challenges himself and those around him to take things one-step further. He can now claim that he holds the world record for the longest Segway journey (4,064 miles). He's also noted for his documentary work of Howard Dean's campaign, which aired on E! Networks. Josh is a fly-fishing native of Colorado and has done everything from ski instructing and teaching under privileged kids in rural Louisiana to wrangling horses in the Rockies. As the follow-up to 10 MPH, he's working on a documentary about fantasy football, currently titled 10 Yards.


J. Fred bio picture Crazy idea guy & Assoc. Producer
Writer and independent filmmaker, "j.fred" maintains a longstanding and continued interest in pop culture and underground trends that weave the fabric of our culture and the impact they play on American society. He co-founded n2geo, a nonprofit inspiring people to learn about the world, as a way to provide understanding and tolerance throughout the world towards cultural diversity. j.fred has gained notoriety for his work on Shelter Island, Above Ground, Hand of a Russian Gambler and his short Paraquayistas.


Gannon bio picturePR and Resident Artist
Painter and PR superwoman, Gannon Weeks is inspired by life scenes, which she paints into vivid moments full of color and gusto. Gannon painted the artwork depicted in the film. Also in the film, she adds the female perspective on this journey. During the trip, she tenaciously planned logistics and kept the press alerted on the expedition's every move.


Alon bio picture Expedition Intern
Segway enthusiast, Alon Waisman, joined the America at 10mph team through an educational partnership with the University of Advancing Technology. A native of New Hampshire, Alon was a member of the award-winning 1996 Nashua High School FIRST team. Alon has also devoted a lot of energy to the video game industry. As a result, you can hear him every week as a host of the world's one and only traditionally broadcast talk radio show about video games.

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